Forester STI – Rota Grid Drift Wheels

The wheels that were on the Forester when I bought it are proper GC-010E Prodrive/Bridgestone branded forged items made in the Rays factory in Japan. They’re quite a desirable wheel, look good and are about as light as a set of 18’s are going to get so they drive very well. Me being me though, […]

S1 Elise – A Quick Polish and Detail Before a Road Trip

We planned a little road trip for the Elise but first it would need a little cosmetic preparation. Some no nonsense Autoglym Super Resin to give the paint a light freshen up and a little protection. Clearly removing a little bit of grime built up on the paint. Super Resin applied. Buffed off to a […]

Evo VI – New Wheels!

(First posted on MLR forum in April 2014) I picked up some new wheels. 😀 They’re Rota Grid Drift 17 x 9 et25 Test fit Fresh tyres to go on My mate Jon being especially careful with the tyre machine Jon’s Scooby. Thought this looked like they were squaring up for a fight The centers […]